Safety Equip & Signage

Safety Equip & Signage 


  • Guard Rails & Bollards

    Our site safety equipment range includes a variety of traffic bollards with removable bases for both temporary and permanent installations and meets the AS1742.3 Australian standard. We also have a range of heavy duty guard rails to protect vehicles from entering hazardous areas.

  • Safety Cones

    Clearly identify hazards in your workplace with our range of witches hats, safety cones and traffic cones, including stackable witches hats and collapsible safety cones to minimise the storage space needed.

  • Barriers and Portable...

    Our range of portable safety barriers features light-weight, expanding barriers, suitable for pedestrian and traffic control. 

  • Safety Flags and Bunting

    Range of Safety Flags, designed to enhance visibility of objects or hazards and increase safety.

  • Safety Tape

    The safety tape range includes anti-slip tape for floor and stairs, and other cautionary tapes to restrict access to hazardous areas.

  • Spill Kits

    With our range of spill kits, you’ll be prepared for spills that can cause property or environmental damage and could see you issued a penalty notice from the EPA. They are suitable for a range of different substances including oil, grease, paint and non-aggressive chemical spills. 

  • Convex Mirrors
  • Mesh and Netting

    The Mesh and Netting range provides a variety of temporary fencing solutions such as barricade netting, mesh and silt fencing, all made with strong, heavy duty materials. 

  • Dangerous Goods...
  • Matting
  • Safety Signs & Labels
  • Warning Chain

    Warning chains are designed to allow you to temporarily fence off an area. The highly visible 10m safety chains can improve site safety by identifying dangerous areas or hazards. 

  • Roadside Warning Triangle

    Richmond’s reflective lightweight warning triangle is ideal to warn of potential hazards on the road or work site. When assembled, this warning triangle is over 400mm x 430mm, yet folds down into a small protective case for in vehicle storage. Our warning triangle can be an effective indicator for use both day and night.

  • Safety Equipment
  • Safety Reflectors

    Richmond's reflectors increase safety by helping improve object visibility in dimly lit areas. Available in both round and trapezium, with the options of screw affix or adhesive backed safety reflectors, you're sure to find the right reflector to suit your needs.

  • Barricade Warning Light

    Richmond barricade warning light is a high quality warning system, powered by a 6V battery and operated with a tamper-proof switch. Featuring light sensor operation, allowing you to set the warning light to turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn, and a steel mounting bracket that allows for easy attachment to barricade A-frames.

  • Safety Hooks

    These highly visible multi-purpose safety hooks, made from strong, non-conductive plastic, have a variety of applications including keeping leads off the ground and safely storing items. The versatile design means they can hang from doors, fences, drawers, cupboards etc. 

  • Corner Protectors

    Richmond’s rubber corners are made from recycled rubber and are designed to protect car doors, machinery and buildings from the scrapes that occur around tight corners. These solid corner protector guards reduce vehicle damage yet are strong enough to protect walls and have multiple mounting holes for easy installation.

  • Post End Caps

    Richmond’s post end caps increase visibility and prevent the risk of serious injury by covering the end of your star pickets and reinforcement bar. Designed for easy attachment, our post end caps can be used with all types of steel bar from 12mm to 20mm.

  • Vehicle Warning Lights

    Richmond's roof mount vehicle warning light features a highly visible rotating amber light and magnetic mounting for easy attachment and removal. The vehicle warning light, also known as a safety beacon, runs off 12VDC and includes a 4 metre coiled power lead with vehicle accessory power adaptor. Our vehicle safety warning lights increase site safety by making vehicles more identifiable to pedestrians and other drivers.  


  • Sand Bags

    We have a range of tear-resistant sand bags with a large capacity of 20kg. Featuring bright orange stripes for identification and drawstring ties for easy use.

  • Anti-Slip Stair Tread
    Richmond's anti-slip stair tread is designed to assist in reducing slips, trips and falls. The fibreglass nonslip stair tread is installed by drilling holes and attaching with bolts.
  • Emergency LED Flares
    A much safer and more efficient alternative to conventional flares, the Emergency LED Flare is a sophisticated electronic roadside flare that provides superior warning visibility during both day and night.